The Art of Sculpture:

Sculpture has been at the center of my creative passion for more than three decades. This medium allows me to weave a three-dimensional tapestry of light to dance across its shapes and volumes, to remain alive and ever-changing. With light comes shadows and it is equally important to sculpt dark places into a piece where shadows can play. My challenge, as the artist, is to choreograph a dance of vibrant light and luminous darkness, which invites us to immerse ourselves in the mysteries that life and art embody. 



The sculpting of an individual is a very intimate experience. Often, I know nothing of the personal stories of my subjects, especially when we do not share the same language. Yet, after many hours of looking into their faces and eyes, I feel as if I am touching their souls, and through that experience, the soul of their culture and religion. At times, I come to a point where I see beyond the personal journeys expressed in their faces, and recognize that which is eternal within them. As I sculpt this essence that I feel, my portraits take on a life of their own, becoming infused with an inner aliveness, which the Balinese call taksu.

My portraits are first created in clay, then are either fired and painted or cast in bronze as limited editions. The Royal Museum Ubud, Puri Lukisan Museum, houses two of my sculptures in their permanent collection, representing portraits of famous Balinese artists (including Ni Ketut Cenik).


Contemporary Abstract Sculptures:

The inspiration for most of my abstract pieces comes from sculpting in Bali, where its people have cultivated and honored their intimate relationship with nature for centuries. My contemporary abstract sculptures have emerged out of a lifelong passion for Art Nouveau and Asian Art. These works are an integration of western and eastern styles that tap into universal symbols and reach across cultural and religious lines.

The beauty of abstract art is that it can facilitate a process of self-discovery and introspection for both the artist and the viewer, as it draws out of one’s unconscious a unique and personal interpretation.

My tropical hardwood sculptures are created in Bali during my annual pilgrimages to the island. They are then shipped to the US, where the original hardwood pieces are offered for sale or are cast in bronze and sold as limited editions.